Über Comenius

About us: Our Comenius Project Group


We are the Comenius project team. We are 17 children from 10–13 years. In the group there are 13 girls and 4 boys and our teachers are Mrs. Michel–Schuler and Mrs. Klüter–Klein.

We meet every Tuesday in the 7th lesson and work on our topic: insects. It‘s a bilingual lesson which means that we speak English and German. We have already learned about the features of insects and found out which animals, for example spiders aren‘t insects. There are some beautiful and useful insects we like and others that aren‘t very popular because they bite and sting.

We take part in the project because we are in interested in the topic and in speaking English. We also want to learn about other countries and meet the pupils from the other schools of the Comenius project. We‘re looking forward to May when the other schools come to visit us in Germany and work with us in project groups.