Comenius meeting in Germany

From the 20th to 23rd May all Comenius partners came to visit us at our school ‘Gesamtschule Hemer’ in Germany. All our pupils were very excited to meet their exchange partners and to welcome them at their home.

On Wednesday we started the project meeting with an official welcoming where our school choir sang songs about living in the European Union and our Comenius project group presented a short play ‘Little Red Riding Hood taking part in the Comenius project and visiting all countries’.

After that the pupils worked in workshops on the topics of insects and European culture. There was an Art workshop around the topic ‘Beetle’, one where ‘Ant Farms’ were built, a workshop on flourworms and one about European sights such as the Elisabeth Tower (Big Ben) or the Brandenburger Tor.

Pupils working in workshops

In the afternoon we went to the local ‘Sauerland Park’ where the children had another workshop with the title ‘Six legs and more’, where they learnt about the different animal categories and went through the park to find insects and learn about their names.

On Thursday the second project day we went to the Maximilian Park in Hamm where we had a guided tour through the ‘Butterfly House’. Afterwards the children had fun playing together on one of the many playgrounds in the park.

In the evening we had a barbecue at the school with all the hosting families, children and teachers. On this occasion our school Circus presented part of their programme and the school band provided some background music. The children also showed the products of their workshops on Wednesday and got their certificates.

On our last day we went to the open air museum in Hagen where you can discover the history of handicraft and learn about manufacturing techniques and working conditions of the past. Unfortunately the weather was very bad so it was difficult to walk around. But nevertheless the children had fun together. And then we finally said goodbye. The children were very sad because they didn’t have more time together but they enjoyed meeting the partner schools a lot.